Laff Riot Girls

We've had the pleasure of working with many terrific comics over the years - too many to list here, so we've narrowed it down to women (and men) who have earned the title of OFFICIAL Laff Riot Girls!

The Official Laff Riot Girls are: 
Ardell Fitzpatrick Brophy (Founder)
Kelly Brandow
Patti D.
Tanyalee Davis
Will Davis
Rachael Des Lauriers
Linda Feuerhelm
Tyler Fortin
Erin Graham
Jenn Griffin
Ellie Harvie
Bev Ilaine
Lee Ann Keple
Christine Lippa
Carina Neumann
Marlie Oden
Jacquie O'Keeffe
Suzanne Paquin
Nikki Pearson
Mavis Pickett
Marylee Stephenson
Julia Stretch
Marlene Swidzinski

If any one says they're a Laff Riot Girl but their name isn't on the list - well, we're flattered but hold out for the genuine article. We're happy to recommend talented female comics any time!


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Laff Riot Girls

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